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    1. TeenRage

      ONLINE EVENT. Authors Tania Chandler, Leanne Hall, and Ruth McIver talk to award-winning YA writer, Ellie Marney, about crime that starts with the young but continues to reverberate, transforming and traumatising many in its wake. Assaults, abductions and, most especially, murder, all leave a terrible legacy. FREE but must register.

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      View the Davitt Awards Video

      Whilst a good time was had by all, a recording was made for posterity. And for those who were unable to join us on the night.

      Check out the wonderful interview with Debra Oswald, who said writers are ‘match fit for lockdown’ and ‘built for a pandemic’. Find out why by watching the video.

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      Murder Monday: Meshel Laurie

      Meshel Laurie is more often found interviewing people for radio, television, crime podcasts or entertaining them on stage. The roles are reversed for this episode of Murder Monday, where Sisters in Crime convenor Karina Kilmore asks Meshel the hard questions.

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      Cross-genre Writing – Catherine Jinks

      “I can’t stand to see a good idea go to waste.” Catherine Jinks explains how she happily straddles multiple genres, including romance, horror, cute kids picture books, and thriller crime fiction.

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      New Reviews

      Every month Sisters in Crime brings you new reviews from women who write criminally good books.

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